About Company

Universal M. Enterprises

Based in Uganda, Universal M. Enterprises is a leading real estate service provider that offers an extensive range of apartments in the prime locations of the city. The apartments contain several amenities such as clubhouse, car parking, swimming pool, jogging track, and others at affordable rates.  Their professionals work closely with their clients to help them find the perfect property for their home.

Universal M. Enterprises was having difficulty in reach to their clients in the saturated real estate industry in Uganda. The main reason they were able to connect with their potential sales was due to outdated brand identity. As the buyers increasingly rely on the online marketplace to search for properties and go with the popular, up-to-date service providers, Universal M. Enterprises find it hard to remain competitive in the market. The company identified this problem and got in touch with CreativeAlif to rebuild its brand identity.

CreativeAlif believes that flyer is an important part of conventional marketing and makes a huge impact on a company's public perception, hence they started off with designing a beautiful flyer for their company. The flyer's design is simple and minimalistic yet incredible and smart. The letter ‘U’ in logo comprises of the color black, yellow, and red, representing the tri-colors in Uganda’s flag. Moreover, we also designed brochures, flyers, and stationery items in the same colors to match branding which helps them to generate word of mouth and serve as a continuous marketing tool.


  • Stationery
  • Brochure

Client Feedback

Standing out amongst established market wasn’t an easy task. But CreativeAlif did that for us! They know how to bring up with something new that immediately grabs people attention, by highlighting the company’s services

Mufaddal Yellowala Chief Operating Officer