frequently asked questions

General Questions

How Do I Communicate With The Design Team?

Communication is an integral part. We love receiving ideas, brainstorming with our clients as well as colleagues. We can discuss your project via phone, email or live chat. Communication is not limited only to the design process; feel free to contact us for advice and guidance before, during and after your project. Also, we will be creating an account area for your project through which you will be able to view the complete progress of your order and communicate with your dedicated account manager.

Can I send you my ideas and you can make a logo design through it?

Sure, we welcome your input and if you like to refresh your existing logo and need logo repair services then we can provide these services to you as well.

How do revision work?

We’ll start off by giving you multiple design concepts. Keep in mind that the design process is highly iterative and collaborative, so we send you the initial designs, we’ll ask for your feedback to make the designs even better.

Usually, our clients ask us to tweak colors, fonts and layout. Sometimes, they even ask us to combine the top half of one concept with the bottom half of another.

Whatever the revision, big or small, we’ll continue to revise your design until it’s absolutely perfect.

Do i get the copyright for my designs?

Absolutely. You will own the copyright for your logo. However we request our clients to allow us using their logo in our portfolio and advertising material. It'll actually help your brand as well since our site is visited by hundreds of small / mid sized businesses daily.

Why multiple designers?

Each designer submits two logo concepts. We purposely make sure to include multiple designers on each project, because each designer has his/her own style, and we want to make sure you get a wide variety in your upfront designs.

Our designers have an average of 10+ years experience in logo and branding design, and they truly are experts.

How does your satisfaction guarantee work?

It’s simple. We guarantee you’ll love your designs, or we’ll make it right. If you’re still not happy, we’ll give you a refund as per our easy refund policy.

I see that you require a valid Credit Card for payment. I'm a bit worried about Credit Card security. Are there any other options for me to pay?

By selecting the appropriate package you will be redirected to our secure online order page where you can enter your credit card details. We use as our authorized retailer, which guarantees that all your credit card information will be directly sent to a real-time secure credit card server for verification supported by 128bit SSL encryption.

Another way to send us payment is using a wire transfer. Email us for our account information. Please note that we can only start designing your logo once we receive the payment in our bank account. This usually takes a couple of days.

I'm from another country. Will this be a problem?

Absolutely not. There should be no problems at all no matter where you are. That is the sole purpose of having our business online.

We have clients throughout the GCC and around the world.

In what formats will I receive my files?

We want you to be able to actually use your designs, so we’ll give you your design files in everything you need, including…

  • .AI (Vector)
  • .EPS (Vector)
  • .PNG
  • .JPG
  • .TIF
  • .PSD

If you need it in another format not listed above, we’re glad to help. Just ask.

What happens next?

Just select and customize your package and walk through the checkout process. A project manager will review your creative brief and contact you with any questions or clarification.

We’ll assign the project to our designers, and your concepts will be ready in just three days.

Logo Questions

What is design concept?

Concepts are the first step in the design process. We’ll take your creative brief and come up with concepts, or an initial design variations for your logo.

Once your concepts are ready, we’ll ask you to give us feedback so we can continue to refine the design.

Just remember – if you choose a package with more concepts, that means you’ll get more upfront variety.

Can you Design logo in Arabic language, Can you do Calligraphy?

Yes, we can design your logo in Arabic and also do calligraphy if required. You can see our portfolio to get a feel of the work which we have completed for some of our clients.

I need a bilingual Logo Design, can you do that?

Sure, we specialize in creating English and Arabic Logo Designs and creatively work along the typography and calligraphy aspect of the design to give the logo a creative yet professional look and feel

How long does it take for you to design my logo?

In most cases, it would take from 3-5 business days for us to send you the first phase of the drafts logo design. If you do not receive any news from us within this period, Contact Us.

Once the first phase is completed, we will be waiting for your comments on the designs provided. Tell us everything- Do you like the style? Do you like the font used? Do you like colors used? What do you think could be added to improve the logo for you business? All these details can be submitted via our Client Center, which you can access through your login and password which we will assign to you once your logo designs are completed, Click here to see how the process goes.

We will then use these comments to come up with the second phase of the logo design (if needed). Usually, our clients get satisfied with initial designs. Many get their final logo at this phase.

I have a general idea of a logo I want. How do I communicate my ideas to you?

There are many ways you can do this:

Tell us in words:

You can tell us using words in our order form. Most of our customers do this. Click here for our sample logo design order form and you will find a description box where you can tell us anything!

Tell us with a scanned copy:

If you have a scanner and would rather scan your sketches, email us the image file at

Tell us with a URL:

On the other hand, if you see a logo that you like anywhere on the web, tell us the URL in the order form so we could use the same style or idea to recreate your original logo (not copy it).

Website Questions

How Do The Website Design And Development Process Work?

Initially, within a turnaround time of 2 to 3 business days, you will receive initial website design layout. You are allowed to request unlimited changes & approve it once fully satisfied. Upon design finalization, we then move towards design of internal pages. Once complete website is finalized, the development phase, where your finalized design structure is coded, content is integrated and pages are made active; you are then provided with the a demo website link to test the overall functionality of the website along with CMS credentials (If included in package). As soon as you finalize the project, your website is switched LIVE.

Will I Get The Source File Of The Website?

Yes, you will get complete website source code.

Will You Upload The Website On My Hosting/Server And Is There Any Additional Cost For The Same?

This may vary depending upon the package you have selected, but there will be no additional cost transferring source files to your hosting server.

Do You Provide Content Writing Services For The Website?

Yes! We do, depending upon the requirements.