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Cold Oasis Group (COG)

Headquartered in Dammam, Cold Oasis Group is a reputable entity which is operating since 1998 and renowned for their reliable and high-quality HVAC solutions to their commercial and industrial clients. They have employed experienced and highly-skilled designers, engineers, and technicians, delivering the best HVAC systems and services in the region. Aside from HVAC solutions, the company offers an extensive range of services, including trading ventilation system, building management system, air, and water balancing, duct cleaning, maintenance, and replacement, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, and air duct manufacturing.

Though Cold Oasis Group was offering quality services to their clients, they were facing problem to reach out to their customers due to poor online presence. Due to the old-fashioned logo and brand image, they were unable to highlight their services and grab the attention of the clients. the company soon realized this problem and joined hands with CreativeAlif to improve their online presence, and more importantly, to pull off a massive brand overhaul.

CreativeAlif designed a new, modern website for Cold Oasis Group to help them to better communicate who they are and what they do. Our creative designers also designed a new logo with a simplistic yet elegant design. The light blue color which invokes tranquility paired with a pure white conveys delicacy and grace, making an excellent color combo for their logo. The company name is enclosed within the hemispheric arcs which reflects that COG is a center for all the services, making it a centralized hub for all the core services. Alongside, the company profile was improvised and designed in a more attractive and simplified manner to give a fresh look. Moreover, we also designed their stationery to help them publicize their brand in a creative and non-interfering way.


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Client Feedback

Though we have been operating for years, but CreativeAlif helped us in boosting our business and spreading services at every nook and corner by designing an interactive and informative website, redefining our logo with impressive stationery designs. I must say they are the trusted and true hard working team. It was great to work with amazing and talented team of CreativeAlif.

Maitham Al Miskeen Marketing Head