Automatically enter product lists, inventory levels and prices from your point of sale (POS) systems into your online store.

Using our POS eCommerce integration, your inventory synchronizes between your eCommerce site and your point of sale system. Control how data is entered and update online store and marketplace to meet your specific business needs. Inventory is automated with POS integration and orders are automatically downloaded with eCommerce integration.

Eliminate redundant data entry

Our POS to eCommerce integration ensures that you are automated and never have to reconcile upload/download information manually. This, in turn, results in reduced management costs, higher profit margins, increased customer satisfaction, improved search engine rankings and delivers better operational efficiency.

Benefits of Integration

  • Sell in more places at the same time
  • No more over-selling
  • Enable unique inventory stock for Online and Offline
  • Automate product updates for Pricing and Quantity
  • Improve customer experience – Give option “Buy online. Pickup in-store.”
  • Several retail stores share same inventory stock
  • On webstore, display company’s cumulative quantity or specific store’s quantity
  • Reduce time of fulfillment processes
  • Easy installation and integration between POS & eCommercee