A Brand Identity That Leaves A Mark

Posted in Brand Identity Design, Graphic Design on March 28, 2019

Creating a brand identity for your enterprise can be a tough task. In Building an effective brand identity, the designing part plays the main role. It establishes the look and the statement your brand wants to make in the market.

The best brand design should be versatile, and comprehensible. Remember, it is something that will be incorporated in an exact or suggestive way in all your company’s designs such as the business cards, stationery, website, and much more. Here are a few steps to map out a perfect brand design.

Ideas and Brainstorming

Initially, you might think your first idea was not good enough to be used, but it still makes help you go forward. So, it’s important to write everything down. Next, search for inspiration. For that, you can check out websites for similar brands, or your competition, to see how your brands like yours have created their identity.

Other than that, you should explore the emotion, or feeling you want to evoke in your clients through your best brand design. Once you know that, you can choose the fonts that match with your vision, and the colors that will help form the image, from the drawing board.

Design Your Personality

If you are a brand, there will be a set of targets audience you’ll want to serve. Think about what kind of personality would entice or attract them. If you’re selling products for kids, a motherly, feminine persona would work great for your brand. Think this way, and you’ll be able to build a brand identity that gets your prospects pouring in.

Be Unique

It’s difficult to make your brand stand out when you have a lot of competition in the market. While taking inspiration from other brands, aspiring or established, is totally ok, but make sure your branding doesn’t look similar to anyone.

Take ideas, and try to apply them to your brand in a suggestive way. If your branding design reminds someone of another brand, what’s the use? The best way is to try to incorporate your personality and the way you want to deal with your clients into the brand, apart from your products and services. This will help maintain your individuality.