Best Mobile App Trends

Posted in App Design, Graphic Design on March 27, 2019

Statistics show that in today’s world, a typical smartphone user opens at least 10 different apps a day. Needless to stay, mobile apps are trending and are getting more and more advanced every day.

You might have noticed a series of changes in the development of app regarding its icons, UI and navigation, in the past 4-5 years. That is because, after the sudden shift from desktops to smartphones, designers have come up with great ideas so that customers can make the most of their mobile apps. Especially in 2019, the best app designs follow the latest trends. Let us check out what’s hot in the app design market.

Color Gradients

Who can ignore the beautiful shades of color gradients? Lately, we’ve been seeing them all over the internet. Images incorporated with these tools have also taken over stark, clear images, especially in app icons.

For example, the old Instagram logo was a realistic, animated camera, and the new one, a perfect example of a color gradient image. Basically, using gradients enhances the overall look of the design, and highlights the elements in a visually pleasing way.    

Hand Gestures

Hand gestures in-app operations are becoming more and more advanced. Most importantly, the swipe feature has been seen a lot this year. It all began when Apple incorporated the feature on their lock screen. Now, attributing to the small screen size provided to mobile app designers to work with, swiping is a great option for effective navigation. This is because it reduces the clutter of buttons and options, which makes the app outlook more organized.

Straightforward Designs

Instead of fancy designs and ornamental elements, the design strategy is moving towards functionality and user-friendly designs. This means you won’t find irregular shapes and images incorporated in the main design. The navigation options of the app will be stark, simple shapes to help the user get more productivity out of the app design.


Animations make the app design come to life. It can be the intro or the app exit page, animations help the user connect and be compelled to use the app again. Also, since the past few years, so many apps have been created that there are almost 10 other apps serving the same purpose as yours. So, animations make your app stand out from the crowd.

Augmented Reality

This is another high-end unique tactic used to enhance user experience in app designs. Usually, this is the work of engineers and developers, but designers have a great rule in effectively fitting them into the UX. Basically, it works to project in-app images into the real environment of the user, creating realistic imagery and operations. Take the example of Pokemon Go, it generates images into the real images of the user, to make the game even more exciting and adventurous.

Character Design

The best app design that makes a statement is bound to have its own character. An animated character design to guide the user through the app and its features not only highlights it’s specifics but makes things easier for the user. In addition, the best character design makes your enterprise stand out, so anyone can identify it individually amongst others.