Evaluating The Best Package Design

Posted in Graphic Design, Packaging Design on February 12, 2019

You encounter hundreds of package designs every day while taking a stroll at the supermarket or window shopping at a mall. How do you judge a design when you see one? Let’s say you need a package design for your own product. Once your designer has it ready for you, how do you evaluate the design to see if it’s worth your money or not? Effective package design has many basic components and technical aspects. If you design falls under the criteria then you’re good to go!

While there are various facets to this criterion, as designs are customized to serve different needs. Here are some boxes your package design should tick off to be useful for you.

Does Your Product Stand Out?

Make sure that your design doesn’t diminish your product’s central position with a plethora of design elements. There should be a good balance, but your product should come out loud and clear. Also, buyers will only give out their money if they understand what the product is. If your design has confusing components that do not directly fit the product description, you might have trouble getting your product off shelves.

Has the Design Gone Overboard?

You must’ve seen lots of packages, especially the ones encasing food items, representing their products in a way that’s nowhere near reality. For example, deliciously prepared instant noodles which vegetables and ingredients that do not exist in the package, and biscuits with imaginary dollops of butter. This is just plain deceiving. Try your best that your package gives an honest representation of your product, just the way it is. If you employ the former technique, it may be great for an instant response but the buyer will not return, so its non-profitable for you in the long run.

What Does The 3D Version Look Like?

Most probably, you will receive a printable mockup of your package design. The best package design companies in Saudi Arabia provide flat versions of your design initially. Check how the design looks in the 3D version at this stage. Sometimes a design that looks awful while its flat will look amazing when you turn it into its final shape, e.g a box or a cylinder. Also, sometimes it can be the other way around.

Visualize It On Supermarket Shelves

That’s where your packaging will finally end up. As prior preparation, you should look at the competition and what color and graphics their packaging has. Will your package make your product stand out? Also, the main front outlook will be visible on the shelves when the products are aligned next to each other. Make sure your design gives the most important and catchy information on this part. This can be the title of the product, the USP, or the tagline.

Is It Multi-Purpose?

There’s a good chance you might be investing a lot to create the best package design. To increase its future utility, make sure your design is versatile. This means you can come up with many versions of your product in the future, such as flavors in a food product, or cosmetics for different skin problems. Your design should be versatile enough to work for all your future plans with minor changes. This will help you create a recognizable brand identity.

Can it Be Reused?

Try to be eco-friendly in your product packaging. Your packages should be made of good materials so that they can be reused for different purposes. For example, the lid of an instant noodle cup can be used as a fork or a bag which can be reused for storage and grocery. This contributes to the environment and markets your products effectively as well.

This concludes our points to evaluate your package design like a professional. If you wish to get a package design that has all this and more for your product, in English or Arabic visit Creativealif.com.