Golden Rules To Create The Best Social Media Banner

Posted in Graphic Design, Social Media Banner Design on March 30, 2019

Before the advent of the internet, and the creation of the social media hub, people used billboards and road signs to advertise their brands and merchandise. Not anymore. Today, you can advertise your brands from the back of a computer screen.

While advertising through the best social media banners is comparatively easy, the designing aspects are crucial and tricky to get right. Here are some rules and tips to convey with your social media banner designers before you extend your reach to the masses.

Correct Sizing

We discussed this aspect in detail in our previous blog. There are many social media portals prevailing today, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All of them support profile images and cover pages of different sizes. The best social media banner designer will use these sizing specifics strategically to enhance the online presence of your brand.


Creating a banner for only one site won’t do. To make your brand more reachable you need to extend your reach first on all social media portals. You can simply copy the same design right? No, you’ll need to create a different one for all, because of the different audience and website configurations.

But, despite that, the design should be consistent. If it looks different on one portal, and something else on the other, your prospects will end up getting confused. To create an effective, uniform identity, you’ll need to maintain the basic elements, and create the same feel on all pages despite the different settings.

Vibrant Images

Social media today, is a hub to show off your skills and talents. That’s why, things that are visually appealing become more popular, as the online audience usually judges by the cover. So, the best social media banner design should have more space dedicated to images than text. Yes, the text is important and makes the design comprehensible, but the correct ratio of both will make the design compelling and attractive.

These are the basic aspects your social media banner designer needs to keep in mind before advertising your brand identity on any social media portal.