How To Create The Best Social Media Banner Design?

Posted in Graphic Design, Social Media Banner Design on March 30, 2019

Social media banners work like billboards for your brand in this internet oriented age. Therefore, you should spend considerable branding revenue to get these pages effectively designed. Once you have a couple of social media banner designs ready, you’ll have the task of choosing one of them in front of you.

Each social media portal requires a different set of designs, so choosing one will vary on where you are planning to upload it. Here are some guidelines to choose the best social media designs.

Website Guidelines

When you create your best social media banner, you will see that each website has a different set of instructions for uploading. Make sure you read them carefully. Most websites have restrictions against the use of profanity, obscenity, and the use of celebrity images in banners.

Apart from that, copyright restrictions are also strict on social media portals. To avoid hassles in this regard, make sure your social media banner designer knows of all these specifics initially before choosing a design.

Design Placement

For each website, the placement of images is different. Like on Facebook and Twitter, the profile picture can be seen with the cover image or banner. So, while choosing the best social media design you should keep in mind how the final outlook will turn out. Make sure the design elements and integrated effectively to fit the placement on the page.

Make Your Purpose Clear

Your brand will only make a statement if it serves a proper purpose. Your purpose can be anything from serving your clients with your best products or providing the best services. Make sure you highlight that. The best social media banners will promote the essence of the brand effectively so that people can connect and communicate with the brand. This will help the brand grow and reach the masses in an efficient way.