Importance of Typography in Logo Design

Posted in Graphic Design, Logo Design on January 16, 2019

Design and imagery combined with symbols are the basic recipe of a good logo design. Incorrect. While these components are equally important, typography aka. the written matter on the logo is receiving more and more attention nowadays. And rightly so, because that is what helps the reader completely comprehend the essence of the business, what it offers and where it is based. This article will discuss the importance of typography in logo design and what impact it has on its effectiveness.

What is Typography?

It is the written content set upon the logo a midst its other components. There are various types of languages used for typography in logo design, most significantly, English and Arabic logo design. It usually comprises of the brand’s name and what it offers in a concise way.

Why is it Important?

First things first, a good, balanced typography is very eye-catching. If you see a logo sporting a caption with a good font and typeface you will surely appreciate its creativity rather than if it is written in an unruly, unclear setting. For example, Arabic calligraphy in logo design and Arabic logo design itself will catch the eyes of middle-eastern customers very quickly due to their immediate comprehension of the matter.

That is why, logo design companies in UAE strive to fulfill this niche to make their typographic attributes better for the needs of diverse customers.  Logo design with Arabic calligraphy  has a growing market online for this reason. Witnessing that Arabic calligraphy in logo design has an obvious impact on the online middle-eastern market it clearly shows the importance of typography in logo design.

Similarly, for all languages a good font and typeface would do the thing. For example, an electric company would write its brand name with a zigzag effect or a florist would use a feminine cursive font to put his name forward. The genre of your services should be reflected through the typographic sequence and not look out of the place, its simple as that. If you are not familiar with the popular typefaces and fonts of your target clients, its a great idea to approach a logo design company to ease your work.  Many companies provide amazing, diverse and cost-efficient services for your brand to give you the best typography and calligraphy in logo design.

To sum it up, typography is an important element in logo design and should be given the attention it deserves by brands and businesses. Just combine your creative aspects with the literary ones and watch the magic happen!