Is Sizing Important For A Social Media Page Design?

Posted in Graphic Design, Social Media Banner Design on March 29, 2019

To help your brand reach out to the masses, creating the best social media banners is the key. Not only do they play an important role to enhance your online presence, but they help people communicate and connect to your brand as well.

To display the best social media banner for your brand, you have facebook, twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and a dozen others. That’s where the problem arises. To manage all these social media accounts, a one-size-fits-all notion won’t work. The sizing and technical aspects are different in all these portals. Here’s a short guide to the sizing specifics while creating a social media banner for leading sites.


While creating an Instagram profile design, you should keep in mind that the profile picture is displayed in a small size, and there’s no option to magnify it. About 110 x 110 px on smartphone screens and 152 x 152 on computers uploading a 180 x 180 px photo would be enough for this portal.


The Facebook profile design outlook constantly keeps changing. Keep in the track of the latest advancements but for now, the dimensions of the banner and the profile photo ar large, therefore, you should upload large, high-quality images. Facebook allows you to display two types of images, the cover image, and the profile image. For the cover images, the size 828 x 315 px is ideal. Anything less than that will seem fine on smartphones but will pixelate on computer screens.

Also, the profile pictures are not like those on Instagram. Here, you can open and view then like all the other posted pictures, So make sure the profile picture gives the details and features of your brand as well.


Similar to Facebook, on Twitter, the viewer can open and view profile pictures as well. While a 200 x 200 px image would do on the normal display, when enlarged you might need a 400 x 400 px one. So, play safe and upload a larger image from the beginning.

The cover image on a twitter page also plays an important role. It’s the image displayed on the header but different from Facebook it doesn’t need to be specific in length. That’s why a picture of 1500 x 500 px would do great.

These are the sizing guidelines for some social media portals that are important for your branding campaign. Create the best social media banner, with the correct sizing and see how the magic works.