Menu Card Design For Advertisement

Posted in Graphic Design, Menu Card Design on February 27, 2019

Did you know that an effective menu card design can help you advertise your restaurant as well? Yes! it can prove to be a great tool to spread the word about your restaurant services to bring your target prospect in. But how?

If you believe that a good menu card design is important, then you are just a few steps away from advertising through the best menu card design. This article will show you how you can design your menu card in a way that brings out the best aspects of your restaurant, by following a few steps. Let’s check them out.

Market Research

The layman term for this is that you need to know who you are competing against. For example, if you are running a middle eastern restaurant, the best design companies in Saudi Arabia know that your competitors serve the same dishes as you do. You can level up to them by highlighting complimentary ‘khubz’ or ‘yakhni’ on your Arabic menu card design. It doesn’t mean that you have to follow their trends at all times. It’s also a great idea to make your menu card as different as possible from your competitor. Otherwise, it will look like a restaurant in the same league and arise comparisons. So, start your own trends and stand out by your menu card design to market your food.

Highlight Your Logo

The best logo design will work wonders for your restaurant. Display it loud and bold on the first page of your menu card to make sure your customers remember it the next time they plan to eat out. For instance, an Arabic logo design will work wonders for the rustic look you need for an Arabian restaurant. It will give a professional, homely touch and will attract your target customers easily.

Show Off Your Best

The best menu card designs should incorporate your signature dish in the best way possible. Dishes like lobsters, tofu, and other high-end food deserve the spotlight. Also, they leave a great impression on customers even if they don’t order them. At least it’ll make sure that for example, the next time someone asks them for a lobster place, they’ll be sure to recommend you. Remember, the word of mouth works as the best advertising agent than any other.

Also, make it a point to highlight what’s best. Each section should have a few dishes that are recommended by the chef highlight in some way to grab attention and make it memorable.

Use Creative Symbols And Icons

Like discussed above, your designer should create some icons and symbols to signify your most popular and chef’s recommended dishes. Other than that, you can also use your own personal creative icons on your menu card to show a different assortment of foods such as vegan and non-veg. This will not only make the choice easier for your customers but will also make them remember the variety of foods you offer for further recommendations.

That concludes the basic ideas on how to use your menu card design to advertise your restaurant. You can further refine these ideas and customize them according to your business, now that you have basic knowledge about how it works.