The Technical Aspects Of The Best Folded Brochure Design

Posted in Brochure Design, Graphic Design on February 24, 2019

Most designers think folded brochures have gone out of style and look outdated these days. If the brochure design company you’re going to employ has the same feelings, run. That’s because this notion can’t be more wrong. As long as people are still receiving shipped goods through the mail, the rustic folded design will stay evergreen. 

Yes, these types of design are going a little out of demand but it hasn’t entirely wiped out. So, for a brochure design company to claim professionalism, they should be ready to deliver anything a client asks for. This article will go through the basic terms and techniques to create the best-folded brochure design.

Know Your Sizes

If you’re going to place an order for a folded brochure design, you should know the standard paper sizes. This will enable you to fully envision how your brochure will turn out and help you decide on a design accordingly. Basically, the sizing is simple, the most common size used is the A4 which in turn, fold to A5. This is the size on which basic, Tri-Fold brochures are created. While there are many other fold styles as well, you don’t have to worry about knowing the exact size for them all. Just remember the proportion of the sizes to the largest size, A0. All the other sizes are smaller parts of size A0 ranging all the way to the smallest size, A7. Once you know these, all your sizing queries will fall into place.

Know Your Folds

Also, when creating a folded brochure design, there are a lot of folding styles to choose from. This depends on how much material you are willing to add to the brochure, or which part of the design you want to be made prominent. It also depends on the budget you have set for your brochure design. The more material and sides it takes up, the more design panels will be needed, so keep that in mind. Some of the basic types of folds are mentioned below.

  • Single-fold brochure: This is a simple, basic design where a single A4 sheet is folded once like a book cover.
  • Tri-Fold: This is also something you commonly see when it comes to brochures. The length of the paper is folded twice horizontally to give this effect. It has both ends folded to the middle, to give three equally sized panels, six sides in total.
  • Accordion Fold: This fold can be customized according to your size. Basically, its one sheet of paper folded into a number of equally sized panels folded like an accordion, in a fan-like formation.

Know Your Measurements

For a folded brochure, the margins and folding lines are of utmost importance. Designers usually leave out bleeds on the fold line to give a good margin for a perfect fold. Also, it’s common for designers to make the panels, whether they’re the middle ones or the ones on the side, a little narrow than the actual size, to make sure that the full design shows even after folding.

Now that you know how a folded brochure is created, make sure to employ the best brochure design company that can deliver all these aspects in a professional manner. So, make a brochure to get the word out for your brand today.