The Tedious Task Of Invoice Designing

Posted in Graphic Design, Stationery Design on March 14, 2019

Transparency is the most important aspect you’ll need to incorporate in your business policies if you wish to emit an aura of professionalism to your clients. Fairly enough, every business sells its products and services for a price, but serving your clients in the best way you can, and giving them proper value for their money, will take you a long way. me.

The best invoice design will help you achieve just that. An invoice is basically a listing of the services you have provided for a client, with a detailed breakup of the desired transaction amount. Though money business is shrewd, you should try to be as professional and respectful as possible through your invoice. Here’s what your invoice design needs to be functional and aesthetic at the same time.

Clear List Of Services

The list of services is the most important part of the invoice, make sure it’s filled out clearly. In the basic design, there should be sections and subsections for the service if required, to avoid it from sounding vague. If you’re adding an extra amount for a special service, make sure to include more than just ‘service charges’. Instead, for example, you can write ‘delivery’, or ‘online banking charges’ to be precise about the service you’re charging for.

Terms and Payment Methods

The invoice design should include a clear call to action. The customer’s got the list of things that need to be paid for, but how? Be sure to include your terms and conditions, and the options you have to receive the payment to make things easier. If your invoice lacks these aspects, then it won’t be productive at all.

Numbers And Records

The design should include separate slots for numbers and records of payment. For example, the quantity of the product and the price should be mentioned in separate columns to avoid confusion. Also, tax payments and additional VAT charges should be added along with the final sum. Some companies don’t do that and mention the total sum which does not equal to the charges mentioned. This will cause a plethora of queries and problems from your customers, so it’s better to be clear in the first place.


Apart from the list of products and their prices, the invoice should include all the important details. The name of the customer, or their organization, should be mentioned with the transaction or order number to avoid confusion. Also, your full address, phone, and email contact details should be added to let your customer know you’re there for them.


Yes, you’re the one providing the service, but let’s face it, a customer is the one who keeps the company running. Be sure to thank them for choosing you to invest their valuable resources. This will promote better working relations and professional ethics, and may get them to come back!

Design Aspects

The only way all these components can be arranged in an accessible way in restricted space is through proper invoice designing. Apart from the organizational aspects, the invoice is the last thing your customer will remember about you, so make sure it’s worth their memory! the best invoice designers, use your company colors, or your logo design in a vital position in your invoice design to make sure it catches the eye. Also, using bold and professional colors will make sure your customer understands your eye for detail.

So, that sums up what an invoice design should have to become an advertisement and goodwill tool for your company. Get the best invoice design for your company today, and build a regular customer range.