Tips For The Best App Design

Posted in App Design, Graphic Design on March 26, 2019

Mobile applications are on the demand and almost all major enterprises create their own apps. To be the best, a mobile app should have good development and configuration, but the aesthetic and design elements are important as well.

Most of the time, developers get so caught up with the technical aspects of the app, that the art and feel get ignored. And when the company begins to realize that, they’re already too far into the development process. So hiring the best app designing company is as important as the development. That’s because, mobile applications are becoming commonplace these days, and there will be many apps which serve your app’s function. Naturally, people will judge by the cover in this case. Here are five tips to create the best app design for your application.

1) Detailing

Think about the best apps you’ve seen to date. What’s the best design element you liked about them? Was it the creative typography? The effective use of space? or high-quality images? Yes, these are the little things that make an app eye-catching. The more your design pleases the eye, the more effective your technical aspects will be. Focus on the details, use high-resolution images, and work the fonts and text placement to make your design come alive.

2) Brand Identity

What purpose does your app server? It can be an analyzing app by a corporate enterprise, or a food delivery app for a fast food joint. The design should make a statement for the company. For example, if your app is for a fast food joint then it should use vibrant colors and appetizing images of the food. The analyzing app should emit professionalism. Simply, your design should be in sync with your brand.

3) Mobile Friendly Integration

Remember, your design is not meant for the big screen. That’s why the best mobile app designs work with the ‘less is more’ notion. Don’t try to fit everything in into a small screen. Make things visible. To facilitate that, you can create more app screens and easy navigation to complete your user experience.

4) Sizing

Phones nowadays come in all sizes. That means you cannot possibly create a mobile app with a one-size-fits-all approach. A great idea is to create three sets of graphics. Namely, high-density, low-density, and medium-density. This way, your app will be able to adjust itself to all screen sizes. Yes, doing that is a headache but it will make your app more versatile.

5) User-Friendly

Usually, the UX is the responsibility of the development team, but that doesn’t mean that the designer should completely ignore it. The best mobile app designers should design their apps keeping in mind what sort of users will be using it in which situations. For example, will your font color be visible in daylight? Is your language changing option comprehensible? Such customizations will give a personalized feel to your app and users will just love it!