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The Technical Aspects Of The Best Folded Brochure Design

Most designers think folded brochures have gone out of style and look outdated these days. If the brochure design company you’re going to employ has the same feelings, run. That’s because this notion can’t be more wrong. As long as people are still receiving shipped goods through the mail, the rustic folded design will stay […]

Posted in Brochure Design, Graphic Design on February 24, 2019

Does Your Brochure Design Have it All?

If you’re not a design expert, then you might not have the knack to recognize a good design from a faulty one. All of them are the same, right? Well not really. There is more to effective design than just throwing in some colors and graphics without any heed to viewer perspective and market efficiency.

Posted in Brochure Design, Graphic Design on February 23, 2019

Spread Your Word Through The Best Brochure Designs

A typical middle-aged person is handed almost 70 brochures per year, and can come across 300 of them indirectly! When do you last remember coming across a brochure? Did you take the effort to read it, or did you just set it aside? Unfortunately, as high as the brochure generating statistics are, the number of […]

Posted in Brochure Design, Graphic Design on February 22, 2019

Designing A Multilingual Website

There about 6,900 languages spoken throughout the world today, and which language do you mostly see on the global platform? English. Yes, many will say that that’s because it’s the most commonly used and spoken language in the world. But, that is not the case either. In fact, English is preceded by Chinese and after […]

Posted in Graphic Design, Website Design on February 19, 2019

Arabic Website Design – The Rising Challenge in Dubai and Saudi Arabia

The eCommerce and online awareness boom in the middle east has created a niche for Arabic website design. More than 30% of web traffic today comes from Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Unfortunately, the percentage of Arabic website designs and multilingual websites are less than one percent of all the current web pages online. Basically, […]

Posted in Graphic Design, Website Design on February 18, 2019

How to Make Your Box Packaging Stand Out?

The concept of packaging design has been around for some time now. It’s commonplace to see upgraded package designs for older products. This is because brands are recognizing the need to match with the latest trends to create the best package designs for their company. To make your box package design stand out, you will […]

Posted in Graphic Design, Packaging Design on February 13, 2019

Evaluating The Best Package Design

You encounter hundreds of package designs every day while taking a stroll at the supermarket or window shopping at a mall. How do you judge a design when you see one? Let’s say you need a package design for your own product. Once your designer has it ready for you, how do you evaluate the […]

Posted in Graphic Design, Packaging Design on February 12, 2019

Types of Product Packaging

A package is not just a container you put your product into. Yes, it’s a useful tool without which some products cannot be used like, the coke bottle. But, apart from that, each package design tells the story of your product. Do you want to make it look like the product was given minimal attention, […]

Posted in Graphic Design, Packaging Design on February 11, 2019

Advertising Through the Best Sticker Designs

Advertisement is all about communicating people and making relationships by showing what is best about you and how you value their money. Sticker design is such a medium through which this communication can effectively occur. Its in the nature of stickers that they are made to change hands and to be passed down to one […]

Posted in Graphic Design, Sticker Design on February 8, 2019

The Marketing Potential of Effective Vehicle Branding

Marketing is a crucial investment when it comes to present your brand out to the world. Most businesses make it a priority to get the best return on the amount they invest in advertising their product. No doubt, vehicle branding, if used effectively can be the best choice to promote your brand. Cars are the […]

Posted in Graphic Design, Vehicle Branding on February 6, 2019