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Importance of Typography in Logo Design

Design and imagery combined with symbols are the basic recipe of a good logo design. Incorrect. While these components are equally important, typography aka. the written matter on the logo is receiving more and more attention nowadays. And rightly so, because that is what helps the reader completely comprehend the essence of the business, what […]

Posted in Graphic Design, Logo Design on January 16, 2019

Factors To Avoid When Creating the Best Logo Design

There are many things you need to keep in mind when creating a logo for your online enterprise. First of all, remember that you are not only putting together an advertising symbol but in fact, creating the face and persona of your company. The main aim of your logo should be to make your business stand […]

Posted in Graphic Design, Logo Design on January 15, 2019

Is Outsourcing Designers the Ultimate Choice?

Building the nerve to leave your job and create a new start-up business is a huge task. And among all that stress is the pressure of hiring the qualified staff and deciding on their salaries to share your vision. While recruitment for a company’s core tasks is inevitable, enterprises usually choose to outsource their designing […]

Posted in Graphic Design, Startup & Small Business on January 14, 2019

How to Choose the Best Logo Design Company?

Who should you hire to create the face of your company for you? While the best option is having your own in-house team, they come with a lot of expenses attached to them. In this case, hiring agencies and designing companies for your assigned task is easier and more cost-efficient. This comes with the point […]

Posted in eCommerce / Online Store, Graphic Design, Logo Design on January 11, 2019

Why your business needs a good logo?

Grass, trees and solid block lettering makes almost all landscape logos. If your business also has similar logo, how will your customers recognize you among your vast competition? How will new customers find you? A good logo is critical for small businesses and startups. As each industry has a new level of competition nowadays, companies […]

Posted in Graphic Design, Logo Design, Startup & Small Business on

Turn Your Hobby into Business with an Online Store

A lot of creative hobbies produce items that a lot of other people actually willing to pay for. Why not convert this hobby into a business? Yeah, you heard it right! If you’re into knitting, woodworking, quilting, crafting, or sewing – you could be making things in your free time that you can sell at […]

Posted in eCommerce / Online Store, Startup & Small Business on June 30, 2017
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