Get Started With the Best Package Design

Posted in Graphic Design, Packaging Design on February 4, 2019

For a good packaging design, balance is everything. When designing a package or sticker, you should create the perfect combination of imagery, graphics and written content to make the product stand out. Apart from that, it should be completely customized according to your products. But for an overview, this article will provide how a basic packaging design should be created to serve its purpose at the best.

The ingredients to create the best package are simple, highlight the product, put in some catchy taglines, use a blend of suitable colors and imagery. Most importantly, make it functional. Along with the eye-catching stuff, certain specifics and features should be added as well such as disclaimers and ingredients for food products. Besides that, here are some important points to be cleared out before you place an order to a packaging design company, or create one for yourself.

Pen it Out

This is the first step. You will need to jot down each thing you want to have on your package design. Firstly, the written material that you want included on your package is essential. It can be anything related to the product, be it its title or some sort of tagline that would attract potential customers to make the choice.

Secondly, the imagery is also a main component. This is something that will catch your prospect’s eye immediately. Try to make the space you have on your packaging count. It should show off the quality your product possesses.

Thirdly, the basic informative content for the product plays an important role. There should be a customized space for the barcode, ingredients, disclaimers, and other important elements. The best package design is the one which balances out all the components from the start of its venture.

Search for Inspiration

The best package design of your dreams will require a lot of homework. The world is your canvas, look through its vast exhibition of ideas to get some inspiration for your endeavor. It can be anything from a fast food restraint sign to a billboard or the texture of your neighbor’s wall. Searching online for design ideas may also prove worthy of your time.

The most important while taking up this task is to keep in mind the needs of your client if you are creating a package for another company. Take the nature of their products into regard. For example, if you are working with a food company, your designs may need to include bright, vibrant, hunger-inducing colors even if that is not your first choice personally.

Your designing will also depend on what material of packaging your client is using. Some may display vibrant imagery effectively while others may not. The best package design companies in Saudi Arabia balance all these things out to give you the best package design.


Discuss the ideal budget with your client. This will also depend on the product. If its one that needs proper advertisement through its package design to prosper, you will need to invest more money into it. You should make your client understand that inexpensive designing is not always the best option. Package design companies in Jeddah, Riyadh and Saudi Arabia on the whole provide the best package design services, at the best prices. Try to satisfy your customer with what they pay for, rather than giving them cheap, non-effective alternatives.

Concluding this point, these are the basic points you will need to clear out before creating the best package design for another company or getting your product packaging designed. Create a good balance between great ideas, effective imagery and coherent writing at the best price to do the trick.